Direct Oil or Propane Fired Water Heaters

Water heaters that you can count on

Valiant Energy Solutions is a leader in commercial water heating solutions, providing direct oil and propane fired water heaters to support numerous commercial organizations. Our water heaters provide hot water quickly, reliable power and continuous supply, all while using less energy than conventional methods. With our wide selection of sizes and capacities, it’s easy to find a heater that matches your company’s specific needs for hot water use.


The gold standard for energy efficiency

Direct-oil and propane-fired water heaters are essential for organizations looking to provide hot water solutions for their operations. The direct-fired approach provides greater efficiency and is much less demanding of electricity than conventional electric tank heaters, resulting in reduction of budget.

Direct-fired systems also offer increased safety measures given that no high-power wiring is required and the entire system can be integrated easily with existing plumbing setups, allowing maximum convenience and cost savings over time. Installation is seamless and maintenance is hassle free.

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How direct-oil and propane-fired water heaters work

Direct-oil and propane-fired water heaters are an efficient source of hot water for organizations. These units use a combustion chamber to heat the water, meaning they require little outside energy and work with air-cooled or water-cooled systems. By pulling air from the surrounding area, it allows for a lower standing loss and greater efficiency compared to other designs.

What’s more, these models can also incorporate options such as maintenance alarms and inlet/outlet temperature thermostat control for precision temperature control and ease of setup. With these features, direct-oil or propane-fired water heaters offer organizations a cost-efficient way to meet their hot water needs.

Heat water quickly and efficiently

When it comes to commercial organization energy efficiency, Valiant Energy Solutions is the gold standard. Our commercial direct oil and commercial propane water heaters are top-of-the-line in quality and reliability, but we don’t sacrifice a thing when it comes to energy savings. We put all of our expertise into giving organizations the optimal solution for their needs—so much so that your competitors will envy you.

With Valiant Energy Solutions as your partner, you can rest assured knowing that every penny saved on utility bills will be reflected in your bottom line. Let us give your organization the boost it needs, with solutions that last. Contact us today.