Our Values

What drives us

We’re proud to bring you what we believe is the best in honesty and integrity. We don’t cut corners and, in fact, go out of our way to ensure everyone is taken care of. We’re dedicated to our customers and are fueled by our desire to create a cleaner, more energy-efficient world for all.

The common threads that help us deliver

Valiant Energy Solutions’ values are present for every employee, every day. We believe that when we embody these values of integrity, accountability, respect, environmental responsibility, teamwork, agility and continual development—our customers win—and we win too.

So, what do we stand for?
We do the right thing.

We're grateful for the trust you put in us and believe you deserve integrity in every interaction. We're dedicated to our community and support our neighbors. We act with uncompromising diligence in everything we do while striving to always do what is right.

We take ownership and value others.

Above all else, we work to build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships. We take responsibility for our communications, our actions and our results, while treating everyone with respect and professionalism.

We perform as one with environmental responsibility.

At Valiant Energy Solutions, we understand that teamwork makes for an effective, successful business. We are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment. We provide energy-efficient solutions that don't come at the detriment of our planet, and we strive to stay up to date with the latest technologies in order to make sure that our solutions are as sustainable as possible.

We disrupt norms and level up.

We challenge the status quo with open minds while encouraging ongoing education to develop diverse talents and leadership. It's an ever - evolving journey that leads us towards a common goal —to inspire and shape innovative solutions that promote comfortable, energy-efficient environments.

A team that needs no introduction!

We invite you to contact or visit us any time and experience how we're different. We look forward to hearing from you.