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If you are a homeowner or business owner considering HVAC, plumbing, electrical or renewable services for your building, then check out Valiant Energy Solutions’ videos. We go above and beyond to make sure all of our visuals do justice to the incredible services that we provide.

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Videos can provide prospective homeowners and business owners with more than just visuals; they can provide vital information that helps make decisions about what kinds of services to purchase. They offer an in-depth look at the process and requirements which makes people more confident in their evaluation of who to hire for what job.

Videos make it easier for viewing samples of past work done, which means detailed research can happen right away without ever having to make any phone calls—that’s value right there. See for yourself.

Get in-depth information on what services we offer

Fuel Truck
24/7 Operations

From the time our fuel drivers leave the station until they arrive at their destination, Mark Collodel, operations manager, reminds us why we want our customers warm, safe and secure.

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A Full Gamut

Tim Young, electrical division manager, reviews all aspects of his team’s work, from residential outlets, switches and generators to commercial lighting, photovoltaics, EV charging stations.

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Energy Efficiency

For Anthony Fonseca, who manages our home energy efficiency department, hear why his attitude and that of his team is singular and focused: “If the home needs it, we do it.”

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Energy Irony

Sean Inkster describes the irony of leading an energy company that sells fuel while also persuading its customers to use less.

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Extended Family

Whether it’s our employees, technicians or customers, Margarita Barbour describes why they’re all the same to us: because we consider one another as family.

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HVAC Installation

Dave Fecteau, HVAC manager, walks us through a typical “day in the life” including what’s changed since he first started in 1986.

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Service and Propane

Bryan Nordone describes how HVAC service and maintenance, in addition to propane installation, works at Valiant Energy Solutions.

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Sheer Magnitude

200 water heaters, 500 sewer systems, 1,000 bathroom fixtures and 100% satisfaction annually; to Tom Scoville, plumbing manager, the size, scale and success of his team’s work is what drives him to perform for our customers.

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The Buck Stops Here

Hear from William Otis, our president and chief executive officer, as to his vision and strategy for Valiant Energy Solutions and most importantly, what that means for our customers.

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