If you’re looking for the best energy efficiency solutions for your home, Valiant Energy Solutions is your total home expert. Whether you need help with cooling, heating, plumbing, renewables, fuel, energy efficiency or anything in between–we’ve got your back. We’ll ensure that you and your family are always protected and comfortable, whatever it takes.

Find the perfect energy efficiency solution

Finding an energy solutions provider that offers quality services, expertise, cost-effectiveness and responsive customer service is no easy task. A comprehensive energy solutions provider like Valiant Energy Solutions can help you lower your energy bills, take advantage of government incentives and tax credits, increase comfort, achieve peak energy performance and reduce your environmental impact.

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You're covered for everything

Valiant Energy Solutions has something for everyone–and then some. Our team has the capabilities and services that you and your family need to cover total home energy needs for your unique home. 


We’re experts when it comes to residential fuel systems installation, service and delivery. We can deliver gallons of bioheat and propane to your home 24/7 and also ensure the performance of bigger-picture items.  There’s no fuel challenge we can’t tackle. In addition, our fuel delivery services are customized to your situation, no matter where you live in Connecticut.


Reduce your carbon footprint and get warm with an energy-efficient heating solution from Valiant Energy Solutions. Our certified experts will help you choose the perfect fit for your home’s needs, allowing you to save money, stay comfortable and do your part for the environment. With our eco-friendly solutions, you can sustain a warm home and the planet.


If you’re seeking a team that is unrivaled when it comes to cooling systems, Valiant Energy Solutions is the answer. Our team of experts are not only skilled in designing and installing top-of-the-line energy-efficient cooling solutions, but we will also provide outstanding customer service throughout the process.

Energy Efficiency

At Valiant Energy Solutions, we are experts in residential home performance upgrades. Not only can your home be made more comfortable, but with us on the job, you can expect efficiency-driven cost savings to pour right into your pocket. We take our whole house approach very seriously–we won’t settle for anything less than optimizing your home’s energy performance.


If you seek an elite electrical team in Connecticut, look no further. At Valiant Energy Solutions, we provide high-quality options so you can be sure that you are getting the best electrical innovation available. From adding light switches to inspecting breakers and tackling the most complex projects, our residential electrical team has all your needs covered.


At Valiant Energy Solutions, we have a revolutionary idea: that sometimes, there is a better way of doing things. Whether it’s leaky pipes, clogged drains or a bathroom remodel, our team of expert technicians can solve all your plumbing problems in a timely, affordable and environmentally friendly manner. There’s a reason why Connecticut-based homeowners choose us for sustainable plumbing solutions. Find out for yourself.


We believe that energy efficiency and sustainability are goals that all homeowners should strive for. We invite you to join our commitment to renewable energy by exploring our solar panel installation and electric vehicle charging station solutions. By investing in sustainable solutions from Valiant Energy Solutions today, you can ensure that your home is powered with clean energy and help protect the environment for future generations.

"We have been a customer for over 16 years and have always found the Valiant Energy people to be professional, extremely courteous and friendly. They are thorough, especially their repair and service people. They are dependable and do the job the right way the first time."


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