Don't settle for anything less

Our air conditioning maintenance and service plans put the power back in your hands by ensuring your system is running like a well-oiled machine. We don't just offer one-time tune-ups; our world-class team brings ongoing peace of mind with regular checkups and troubleshooting that help prevent an uncomfortable surprise.

Be prepared for the worst

Air conditioning systems are an unsung hero in a home or business. We take their function for granted until something goes wrong and all of a sudden, you feel like your house or office is burning up. Taking a proactive approach to prevent breakdowns with an annual maintenance and service plan is the way to go.

Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance helps the A/C system run more efficiently, meaning that it uses less energy while still providing a comfortable environment. This service means lower monthly energy bills, as well as fewer repair costs over time. An air conditioning service plan helps extend the life of your equipment, which saves you money in the long run.

Protect your air conditioning equipment

Our service plans for air conditioning equipment ensure excellent care of your cooling systems. With a yearly tune-up and its resultant improvement in efficiency, you’ll save money and get more life out of that air conditioning unit. You can even prevent unexpected breakdowns. So don’t miss the opportunity to have the most dependable air conditioning system around; sign up for our service plans today.

Protect your air conditioning equipment

Maintenance plans that won't let you down

Get your air conditioning system serviced and up to par with Valiant Energy Solutions. With our unbeatable service and maintenance contracts, you can guarantee your air conditioning system will be running optimally throughout each summer. Plus, our flexible offerings can be tailored to fit any budget or requirement. At Valiant Energy Solutions, keeping your house or business (and wallet) comfortable has never been easier.