Invest in quality furnace performance

Not only does Valiant Energy Solutions provide a variety of energy efficient systems, we also have furnaces that are ideal for commercial use. Our team can install trusted brand furnaces that are perfect for any organization. These furnaces offer quality performance and will keep energy costs down while maintaining the heat in your building.

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Colder temperatures are no longer an enemy

If you want to survive the frigid winter months in Connecticut, you need a commercial furnace. With temperatures often plummeting below freezing and fierce blizzards howling through icy streets, furnaces are essential while running an organization. Organizations need furnaces that they can count on to make it through any weather event.

Investing in a new furnace can offer significant long-term savings in maintenance costs, especially when paired with a reliable temperature control system. By upgrading to a dependable furnace, you can achieve optimal temperature regulation throughout the year, positioning your organization as a leader in energy efficiency and cost-saving measures.

Furnaces you can count on

Commercial furnaces are used to heat materials for various processes. The first step of the process is to draw air into the furnace from outside. This air is usually cooled by an evaporator coil before being pushed towards the burner chamber inside the furnace where it is further heated by fuel from the burning process. The fuel can include natural gas, propane or oil.

After being heated in the combustion chamber, the hot air from the furnace is pushed through a heat exchanger where some of its heat energy is passed onto a coolant that circulates through pipes. The coolant helps regulate temperatures in other parts of the building as well as providing additional warmth to areas like bathrooms and kitchens when needed.

Once it has passed through all necessary steps, the hot air from inside the furnace is forced out into ducts throughout the building using fans and blowers. These fans direct heated air into different rooms depending on each room’s programmed temperature setting, ensuring that everyone in your facility stays comfortable at all times.

Furnaces you can count on


Oil Furnace

Description: Are you tired of your old furnace causing frequent repairs and increased energy costs? Look no further than an oil furnace to transform your work environment into a comfortable paradise. Valiant Energy Solutions offers highly efficient and reliable oil furnaces that will bring warmth, comfort, and sustainability to your organization.

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Propane and Gas Furnace

Description: Organizations operating in Connecticut need reliable furnaces that can operate no matter the weather condition. When it comes to commercial gas and propane furnaces, Valiant Energy Solutions has everything an organization could need. Additionally, these fuels are cleaner-burning compared to coal and oil, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

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Furnaces that put in the work

Valiant Energy Solutions prides ourselves in providing commercial organizations with furnaces that you can count on. Not only is our commercial furnace performance and reliability top priority, but our solutions are energy-efficient for any budget-conscious professional. Our innovative solutions are designed to provide maximum efficiency without compromising the quality of service for your organization. Contact us today to learn more.