Keep your team happy and healthy

For any organization looking to limit their environmental footprint and cut back on costs, Valiant Energy Solutions offers the perfect solution. Our commercial-grade humidifiers are both energy-efficient and eco-friendly, enabling organizations to save money without sacrificing sustainability.

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Keep your team healthy and alert

Working out of a stuffy, dry environment can be more than a little uncomfortable for everyone in the building–and that includes you. That’s why maintaining proper humidification levels within your enterprise is so important, yet often so overlooked.

Not only will maintaining humidification levels keep your staff alert and healthy, but it will also create an environment that customers won’t forget; in fact, research has found that humidifiers help cleanse the air and reduce allergies. Researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that high levels of humidity can reduce the flu virus’s infectivity from 75% to 14%. It also makes sure your products stay in pristine condition, optimizing your available inventory.


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How humidification systems work

As organizations strive for a comfortable atmosphere for their staff and employees alike, central humidifiers for commercial buildings provide the solution. By taking in dry, indoor air, passing it over a hydrated filter or evaporator pad and then releasing the richer moisturized air back into the space, these humidifiers ensure the greatest comfort.

Central humidifiers offer an efficient and reliable solution for organizations looking to maintain consistent humidity levels throughout their space. With the help of ductwork, these systems can effectively distribute moisture to every corner of the workplace, making them ideal for commercial organizations that work with delicate materials or are competing in a competitive industry.

How humidification systems work

Commercial-grade humidifiers that work

Valiant Energy Solutions provides the perfect solution for organizations wishing to save money on energy costs while maintaining ideal humidity levels. Our commercial-grade humidifiers are optimized for energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, helping you do your part to preserve the environment while saving on expenses. Contact us today.