Indirect Water Heaters

Save capital on heating costs

Valiant Energy Solutions is proud to present its wide selection of indirect water heaters for organizations. Cost-effective, space-saving and easy to install, indirect water heater tanks are the perfect addition when it comes to heating large quantities of water. Our years of experience in providing quality products have given us an edge over our competitors in terms of innovation and efficiency.


Energy-efficient, commercial hot water

Organizations large and small can benefit from indirect water heating. With their ultra efficient, smart design, using a single source to heat multiple streams of hot water, they can be the secret weapon behind a successful operation. Taking advantage of energy-efficient options not only helps keep organizations profitable, it’s also good for the planet.

Whether it’s industrial complexes that need hot running water or restaurants that need loads of dishwasher power, indirect water heaters are the perfect solution. In short, these amazing devices are worth investing in if you’re serious about keeping your operations running along smoothly.

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How indirect water heaters work

Indirect water heaters are integral to organizations, as they provide efficient and reliable heating of large volumes of hot water without the high operating costs associated with traditional water heating systems. By taking advantage of the unused thermal energy produced by a building’s HVAC system, indirect water heaters can reduce energy consumption and save money.

Additionally, these indirect water tanks can be integrated with existing industrial-grade boilers and other types of equipment, allowing for ultimate flexibility in designing or upgrading hot water systems in any commercial setting. With their combination of efficiency, cost savings, reliability and scalability, investing in indirect water heaters is an essential step for organizations that are looking to maximize profits while reducing their overall energy consumption.

Save energy and operational costs

Valiant Energy Solutions delivers the best in commercial indirect water heating systems. We provide an unparalleled range of reliable solutions to satisfy all your commercial and industrial needs.

Our experienced team is committed to quality service, ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for with us. Plus, we always come through with the most cost-effective pricing. So, don’t settle for anything less than Valiant Energy Solutions–experience excellence today.