Room Heaters

Warmth in every room

Valiant Energy Solutions strives to provide commercial organizations with cutting-edge heating solutions for any room size. Our industry-leading commercial room heaters are designed to provide reliable and efficient warmth. Plus, our integrated technology solutions amplify the user experience through easy installation, operation and maintenance.

humidifier in the room

Cold environments are in the past

Organizations can often find themselves faced with the challenge of heating certain rooms in their facilities, especially during the winter months. In order to overcome this challenge, room heaters are a great option due to their efficiency and effectiveness in providing localized heating within a single room or space.

Room heaters are energy-efficient and offer rapid heating performance, making them an ideal choice for enclosed areas. Quit wasting energy on heating and utilize a room heater. With room heaters, organizations can easily manage each area independently and maintain comfortable temperatures across their whole establishment. Additionally, room heaters have comprehensive safety features that keep all parties safe in the workplace.

How commercial room heaters work

For businesses and organizations looking for a safe and efficient heating option, the through-the-wall propane commercial space heater is an ideal choice. Unlike traditional central heating systems, these units are independent, delivering consistent heat without hot or cold spots. They are also cool to the touch and quiet, with user-friendly programmable control panels that make them easy to manage.

The propane is piped into the room through an external pipe above the window or door frame and passes through a regulator to ensure a constant gas pressure throughout the system. From there, it enters the heater where it is burned and generates heat that is then circulated into the room via a blower fan or convection currents.

How commercial room heaters work

Heating solutions that perform

Are you looking for the optimal commercial room heating solution for your organization that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Valiant Energy Solutions. Our team prides itself on offering top commercial room heaters, all tailored to meet your individualized requirements. We have a wide selection of energy efficient and cost-effective solutions so that you can save money without compromising on comfort.

What’s best is that we offer a free consultation so our team of experts can help advise you on what type of indoor air quality, heating and cooling technology and ventilation works best for your business needs. Get ready to turn up the temperature in your office with a heat installation from Valiant Energy Solutions. Give us a call today.