Smart Thermostats

Control your comfort anywhere

It's time to start living the way you deserve: with the expertise and efficiency of Valiant Energy Solutions' residential smart thermostats. Don't wait until it's too late and let your hard earned cash go down the drain—get yourself a thermostat that speaks for itself.

Smart Thermostats

Don’t settle for dumb thermostats

Traditional thermostats are so outdated and dull, they don’t have the capabilities to support modern living. For starters, traditional thermostats can only adjust to a pre-set temperature rather than learning from your habits and optimizing themselves accordingly. They have no way of linking to your smart phone or device so you’re not in control when away from home. And forget about voice recognition.

So why would you want to settle for something less than cutting-edge when you have a choice? With a modern smart thermostat, you get all the latest features and capabilities that make your home smarter and more efficient. Residential smart thermostat systems can save up to 8% on your heating and cooling bills yearly. Get with the times—upgrade your thermostat today.

How smart thermostats work

Unlike traditional thermostats, our smart thermostats are able to connect to the internet via its own IP address to enable you to control your heating and cooling settings from anywhere in the world. This capability means that you can adjust the temperature of your home while away on business trips or vacations, allowing you to save energy without having to sacrifice comfort and save costs.

The best thing about our residential smart thermostats is that they learn your preferences over time and will make temperature adjustments based on data collection. This ability ensures that the temperature of your house is always comfortable without any unnecessary energy waste. It also has built-in scheduling features, allowing you to program when your heating and cooling system should be active or inactive according to your lifestyle.

Not only do Valiant Energy Solutions smart thermostats help save money on utility bills by creating a more efficient environment, but they also provide peace of mind knowing that all of these adjustments can be made from any device with internet access—from smartphones, tablets or laptops. We offer a wide variety of options including Ecobee, Nest, Honeywell and other popular brands. In addition to determining which solutions are best for your home, we provide expert installation which can be critical in optimizing the functionality of your new thermostat and ensuring its compatibility with your heating system.

How smart thermostats work


Homeowners looking for a smarter and more efficient way to control their thermostats should consider Ecobee. This innovative brand offers an array of features that not only make controlling temperature easy, but also help conserve energy and save on monthly costs. Ecobee’s thermostats have advanced features such as intelligent scheduling, zone sensing and occupancy sensors. With these features, homeowners can ensure that the right amount of heat or cooling is being used at the right times while taking into account the number of people in each room.


Once properly installed, you’ll love the colorful display and simple touch-pad controls. It’s simple to set a schedule for the week and easy to adjust it up or down as needed. Not only does it show the indoor temperature, it also displays the humidity and the outside temperature, so you can fine-tune your heat and air conditioning from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Just set it and forget it

When it comes to controlling your home’s temperature, we got you covered. Valiant Energy Solutions is proud to be on the cutting edge with our residential smart thermostat systems. With this innovative technology, you can control your heating and cooling from the comfort of your couch—or when you’re halfway around the world. No more worrying over whether you left the air conditioning on or off; just pull out your preferred device, adjust the settings and keep energy costs low.

Investing in Valiant Energy Solutions’ smart thermostat is an easy way to improve energy efficiency and reduce unnecessary spending each month. Empower yourself with our incredibly sleek and feature-rich thermostats and make your home stand out from the rest.