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Never be left in the dark again

When it comes to environmentally-friendly electric generators in the home, nobody does it better than Valiant Energy Solutions. Our installations are swift and effective, providing you with the energy-efficient powerhouse you need when it matters most.

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Never worry about a power outage again

Living in the Northeast is great, but there’s one thing we can all agree on–the weather is about as unpredictable as it gets. From snowstorms to rain and heat waves, you never know what the forecast will be from day to day. Unfortunately, all this unpredictability also means lots of power outages. As if rain or snow wasn’t enough to deal with on its own, now you have to also worry about whether your electricity is going to flicker under the right conditions. Losing power can have devastating consequences from food and medication spoilage to uncomfortable temperatures due to loss of air conditioning.

But no matter what Mother Nature throws at us, you can stay safe and prepared when you install a propane or natural gas home generator. With this reliable source of power, your essential services such as heat, lights, refrigerator and sump pumps will work without fail. Whether there’s a crazy thunderstorm or just a standard summer blackout, never worry about the bad weather again with your trusty standby Generac home generator from Valiant Energy Solutions.

How generators work

Gas generators create electricity by transforming mechanical energy from burning fuel into electrical energy. How are they able to do this? Well, most models use either a compression-ignition engine or a spark-ignition engine to power an alternator. The alternator creates a large amount of electricity through electromagnetic induction and voila–you’ve got yourself some electricity.

Propane and natural gas generators are the gold standard when it comes to supplying power to your household or workplace. Seriously, these bad boys can handle anything thrown at them. Don’t even bother with hooking up a cord to the grid in a power outage: a propane or natural gas generator has enough oomph and capacity to put your worries in check.

At Valiant Energy Solutions, we specialize in installing automatic Generac propane and natural gas home generators with these features:

  • Automatic engagement within seconds of losing power
  • Advanced remote monitoring system tracks your generator’s performance from a cell phone, tablet or PC
  • Powder coated aluminum enclosure offers superior weather and corrosion protection
  • Unique load management system delivers more coverage from a smaller generator
  • Wide variety of sizes to suit any home
  • Up to 10-year limited manufacturer warranty
How generators work

Homeowners trust our generators

We provide quality services for the installation of new home generators. We don’t mess around; after all, we know how important it is to keep your house running during outages.

Not only that, but our professional and knowledgeable technicians offer their expertise to make sure you get the best experience possible with our services. Don’t wait to get the power your home deserves; contact Valiant Energy Solutions today and see why we’re preferred by homeowners.