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Looking for energy efficient lighting to set the perfect atmosphere in your home? Well, look no further. We've got the best residential lighting solutions to choose from. With a broad portfolio of options, you'll be sure to find something that suits your style and budget.


How to choose the perfect lighting solutions

Lighting is everything when it comes to making a statement in and around your home. It changes how you feel in your own home–from an uninviting environment to one you want to show off.  Every home has a unique aesthetic appeal that can be enhanced or diminished by good or bad lighting.

But don’t forget: you also have to be savvy about energy consumption. An energy efficient home isn’t complete without the correct lighting. With a well thought-out lighting plan, it’s possible to look great while also keeping those pesky energy bills low.


of a HOMEOWNER'S monthly electric bill is attributed to lighting

How lighting works

Residential lighting systems involve an electrical circuit of wires that runs throughout your home and connects to a main electrical power source, usually located in the breaker box. This circuit then sends electricity through light fixtures, which in turn light up the home when switched on. In order for this process to take place, all components must be wired together properly and securely.

Lighting is more than just something to help you find your way around, it’s a reflection of your sense of style and that’s why it should always be selected carefully. This requirement means exploring innovative options, such as LED bulbs, sustainable lampshades and motion activated spotlight. Finding the perfect lighting for your home is a careful balancing act between aesthetics, budget and energy usage.

Valiant Energy Solutions can help you determine the best home lighting solutions for your home, including:

  • General room lighting to including ceiling, floor and table lighting
  • Accent and task lighting to draw attention to key elements in a space, such as a kitchen or office
  • Interior and exterior security lighting and motion detectors
  • Landscape lighting
  • Retrofitting recessed lighting where we take out your old recessed canned lighting and replace it with LED all-in-one modules
  • Automated wireless lighting
How lighting works

Making it easy to be beautiful and efficient

Valiant Energy Solutions is here to show you the answer. Our selection of energy efficient lighting not only looks great, but your wallet will also thank you for choosing us. From classic and modern designs to unique and trendy styles, we have all kinds of options for giving your home a makeover. Not only do our lights keep energy costs low, but they also add a special something that lets everyone know you care about saving the planet. We are a certified installer of the Lutron Caseta wireless system.

You can rest assured that you’re doing your part for the environment since our products are designed to help conserve energy. Get ready to be the envy of the neighborhood.