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Bioheat, better for you and the Earth

If you're seeking a tried-and-true, yet equally innovative, way to heat your home, Valiant Energy Solutions is your go to partner of choice. Residential bioheat optimizes performance for residential customers throughout Connecticut. We’ll have your home's climate needs covered in a cost effective and responsible way.

Heating Oil

Bioheat, the future of energy efficiency

In this day and age, trying to make sure homes are energy-efficient is becoming an increasingly difficult task. With the rising demand and cost of traditional energy sources like electricity and gas, it can feel overwhelming when trying to find a solution that is budget friendly. Efficient fuels are becoming increasingly popular because they are cost effective, environmentally friendly and provide more energy output than traditional sources of energy.

Since 2006, Valiant Energy Solutions has been delivering Bioheat, a proprietary heating oil blend that contains up to 20% biodiesel, making it an optimal choice for many homes. What’s more, Bioheat can emit up to 80% less sulfur dioxide and 20% less carbon compared to traditional fuels, enabling you to achieve greater savings for your family.

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Burn cleaner fuel and save money

There’s a reason why Bioheat home heating oil is one of the fastest growing alternative fuels. It’s made from a blend of traditional heating oil and biodiesel–a renewable fuel created from domestically produced organic materials. The result is a clean burning fuel that is kinder to the environment and helps your furnace perform better.

Burn cleaner fuel and save money

Going green never felt so good

When it comes to heating your home, Valiant Energy Solutions is your partner of choice. Our residential bioheat services and solutions will ensure you can heat your home efficiently and environmentally friendly. You can count on ultimate comfort no matter how cold the temperature.

But don’t just take it from us–ask any of our satisfied customers. Contact Valiant Energy Solutions today.