Oil-Fired Boilers

Upgrade to a better heating system today

If you're looking to make your home energy-efficient and eco-friendly, Valiant Energy Solutions is the way to go. Our residential oil-fired boilers are reliable as a rock, last practically forever and are ridiculously easy to operate.

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Ditch the outdated boiler

Unreliable and inefficient heating systems create high maintenance costs and often struggle to adequately heat larger properties. Rising energy costs have made oil-fired boilers more cost effective in the long run, while environmental concerns are leading more people towards greener options. Aging systems require frequent repair as well, inhibiting their cost efficiency and the quality of the air produced.

Homes can benefit from oil-fired boilers because they provide reliable, efficient heat in any weather or terrain. Forget having to go outside in the freezing cold every time you need to fill up your woodpile–with an oil-fired boiler, you’re good to go with just a turn of a knob. What’s more, these incredible machines offer an efficient and cost-effective way of heating and peace of mind.


How oil-fired boilers work

Oil-fired boilers work by heating oil in a combustion chamber, creating hot gasses which then pass through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger transfers the heat to water, increasing its temperature before it circulates around the radiators and underfloor heating system of the home.

The hot water then returns to the boiler where it is reheated and sent back out again. If you’re ready to enjoy incomparable efficiency and satisfaction from your boiler, go ahead and make the switch to oil-powered steam boilers. It will be a game changer.

Benefits for the homeowner:

  • Heat your home and hot water within one system
  • Heat homes more evenly
  • Install a central air conditioning system more easily
  • High efficiency to help save you on energy costs

Our boilers are the most reliable and efficient

If you’re looking to heat your home with a reliable and efficient oil-fired boiler, Valiant Energy Solutions has got you covered. Our boilers feature the latest energy-efficient technology, plus they’re eco-friendly so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment while making your home warm and cozy.

What’s more? Our residential oil-fired boilers are built to last and simple to operate–making them the perfect choice for any customer who doesn’t want to sacrifice performance for convenience.