Get the perfect fireplace for your home

If you're ready to finally enjoy the warmth and coziness of a propane-fired, eco-friendly gas fireplace, look no further than Valiant Energy Solutions. We provide the best quality of service, along with our expert advice on how to get the most out of your fireplace.

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Crackling warmth in any room

Propane fireplaces provide clean-burning comfort all season. Add a propane fireplace to nearly any room and add warmth, ambiance and style.

Indoor propane fireplaces have a realistic flame and glowing embers along with actual heat output–from a roaring fire, a low glow or maybe something in between. With several options and accessories, you can essentially build the perfect fireplace to match any decor.

How gas fireplaces work

Fireplaces have been around for centuries, but the propane fireplace has come to revolutionize the game. The beauty and warmth of a fire, without any of the smoke or ash associated with traditional wood burning fireplaces. Sounds like a dream come true. Propane gas is delivered to the fireplace through a valve system and ignited using an electronic ignition or a standing pilot light, creating heat. With all the bells and whistles in place, a great deal of heat is created from burning the fuel.

Enjoy the benefits of a propane fireplace:

  • No pellets or cords of wood need to be bought
  • Provides both decorative and real heat outputs
  • No messes and no need to “tend to the fire”
  • Control your fireplace with the touch of a button
  • Add style and character to nearly any room
How gas fireplaces work

Get a fireplace without the hassle

At Valiant Energy Solutions, we’re not just one of the leading providers of sustainable products and services to homeowners–we’ve also mastered the art of fireplace installation, service and maintenance.

We ensure that when you choose us for your fireplace installation, you get complete peace of mind knowing that every line is connected properly and safely, every piece fits where it should, and space is utilized optimally. Enjoying a propane fireplace is easier than you think. Let our experts help you.