Pool Heaters

Keep the pool party going

If you're looking for a pool heater solution that will make sure your underwater hangouts are always hot, turn to Valiant Energy Solutions. Our top-notch services ensure that your new residential pool heater will not only heat up the water but save you money on energy costs.

Pool Heaters

Enjoy a longer swim season

Who says summer has to end? With a propane-fired pool heater, you can turn your pool into the epicenter of fun. Enjoy swimming and relaxing around your pool for days, weeks or months—the choice is yours.

Say goodbye to feeling like you need to hurry up and enjoy the warm weather; with an energy-efficient propane fired pool heating system, you can now take it slow and savor every second.

How pool heaters work

Imagine being able to control the temperature of your pool and enjoy the water whenever you feel like a swim. The water is warmed up by passing it through a heating element, different fuel types like natural gas and propane can be used. Different models also provide additional features like automation and pumps to increase flow. Thermostats connected to these machines help users maintain consistent temperatures throughout their pools more easily than ever before.

We can recommend a propane pool or spa heater system that’s right for your pool and your summer lifestyle. We install high-quality heaters with efficiencies of up to 95% that are economical to run and deliver fast heat-up times. Rugged housings ensure that they will withstand the elements and–with regular service–provide years of pleasure and endless summer fun.

How pool heaters work

We are pool heater experts

We are experts at all things propane, including pool heating systems. We have a team of certified and trained technicians ready to help with every propane need. We can recommend a propane pool or spa heater system that’s right for your pool and your summer lifestyle as well as energy-efficient. From choosing the right propane products, installing the tanks and lines to worry-free delivery–we do it all. Contact us today.