Room Heaters

No need for a bulky heater

Chilly room got you down? Not anymore. Valiant Energy Solutions can have your room feeling warm in no time at all. Forget about rolling out a bulky heater and plugging it in–simply install a propane residential room heater from Valiant and you'll instantly be warm.

Room Heaters

Add comfort where you need it

Wintertime can be the bane of some rooms’ existence. Sunrooms, enclosed porches and additions seem like they just don’t have any luck. No matter how often the radiators are cranked up or extra blankets are added, they simply remain frosty and rebellious.

Our trusty propane space heaters will solve all of your winter woes like nobody’s business. With these systems, you’ll get an even and consistent heat that will knock the chill off any sunroom, enclosed porch or addition–plus they’re cool to the touch and quieter than a mouse.

How room heaters work

The safe and beautiful way to add warmth to a cold room is with a propane space heater. These units are totally separate from your central heating system. They deliver consistent and even heat efficiently. They are cool to the touch and quiet, with a user-friendly programmable control panel.

The propane passes through the regulator before it enters the home. The propane is first piped into the room through an external pipe, usually located above the window or door frame. From there, it enters the heater, where it is burned in order to produce heat. This heat is then circulated into the room via a blower fan or by convection currents.

And unlike many of the widely available residential room heaters today, a high-efficiency room heater from Valiant Energy Solutions helps to improve indoor air quality. The sleek, contemporary design unit is installed flush to your wall and fits into the aesthetics of your home. There are no wires or pipes visible. What’s best: you won’t even know it’s there. You’ll enjoy immediate heat whenever you need it, with consistent temperatures from ceiling to floor.

How room heaters work

Say no to the cold

Never feel a chill again in your home. Valiant Energy Solutions can help you get the most out of all of your total living space. Our through-wall, direct-vent propane residential room heater systems are ingeniously designed to keep the whole house comfy–no matter how cold it gets outside.

Let our experienced specialists set up a free in-home assessment–not to mention give you details on how simple and cost-effective these heaters are.