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Valiant Energy Solutions is the best bet for energy-efficient residential insulation solutions. Our commitment to quality and environmental protection isn't just ordinary run-of-the-mill stuff. We mean business with superior solutions, quality materials and superior service—and an unrivaled passion for energy conservation.



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The Northeast has unpredictable weather that can drive up your home energy costs, but home insulation can help. During the winter, heat escapes a poorly insulated home, requiring more fuel to keep warm. And during the summer, heat from the outside transfers through the walls and roof, making it difficult to keep your home cool. If you have an air conditioner, it will run more often resulting in higher electricity costs.

Installing or upgrading wall, attic and basement home insulation is one of the most affordable ways to increase comfort while reducing ongoing energy costs–especially with the Northeast’s extreme weather. In fact, the US Department of Energy’s number one recommendation to reduce total home energy costs by an average of 11% is to add insulation in your home.

How home insulation works

Home insulation controls the flow of heat through the walls and roof of your home. A well-insulated home creates a thermal boundary or “envelope” between the outside “unconditioned” air and the inside “conditioned” air. The insulating materials create this barrier when placed properly in a home’s walls, exterior walls, floors, ceilings and attics.

The key to insulating your home is a combination of choosing the right insulating materials and closing any gaps where air can enter or escape your home, such as windows and doors. For existing homes–and especially older homes–the simplest fixes often involve making sure the attic and basement insulation is adequate. Improvements in these areas alone often have the quickest payback and can help save significantly on heating bills.

How home insulation works

Get long-term energy savings

When it comes to transforming your home into an energy-efficient haven and saving you from unexpected energy bills, the team at Valiant Energy Solutions is here for you. With our on-site evaluation of your attic and basement insulation, we’ll evaluate exactly what kind of insulation and weatherization solutions you need–so you don’t end up throwing away money for something lacking quality and performance.

We know exactly how much insulation needs to be added, where you will gain the most efficiency and which eco-friendly insulation solutions are best suited for your home as well as aligning it with your budget. With a partner like Valiant Energy Solutions, comfort and affordability have never been easier.