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Water Treatment

Get the cleanest water in town

Are you looking for water treatment solutions that go beyond the basics? Look no further–Valiant Energy Solutions has got you covered. Our treatment solutions are equipped to analyze any water sample and make sure it's completely free from any harmful elements–including ones you can’t see.

Water Treatment

Eliminate impurities now

Your home’s water is serious business. From the taste, smell and cleansing power of your water all the way down to how soft and supple your skin feels after a shower, it all matters. Good water quality ensures that corrosive elements don’t take a toll on your plumbing and appliances. That means more money in your pocket due to lower energy costs.

Additional problems commonly associated with poor water quality include:

  • Unnecessary buildup on appliances, piping, skin and hair associated due to hard water
  • Red and/or black stains around drains and toilet tanks due to excessive iron
  • Foul taste and/or blue-green laundry stains because of low pH levels
  • Putrid smells associated with excessive hydrogen sulfide gas and/or other total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water supply

How water treatment works

Water treatment begins by analyzing a sample of your water to determine if it contains anything that will affect water quality. Then, we recommend appropriate treatment solutions to remove harmful elements and restore the water’s natural balance. We install whole-house filtration and water softening systems so every drop of water that enters your home is pure.

Water testing is important for every home, regardless of the source. Even water coming from state-of-the-art treatment plants can be affected by your home’s plumbing system. And if you’re on a well, the EPA recommends annual testing, because water quality can change over time.

Our water treatment services include:

  • Water quality testing
  • Water conditioning
  • Water filtration
  • Water softening
  • Radon remediation
How water treatment works

You deserve perfectly clean water

If you want the best water possible, then Valiant Energy Solutions is your partner of choice. Not sure what’s lurking in your H2O? No worries. We’ll schedule a brief visit to collect a sample and determine the health of your water.

Once armed with analysis of your water, our team of experts will recommend the perfect treatment system for your unique situation–no one-size-fits-all approach here. And the best part is we install it all for you, too, so that every single drop of water entering your home will be pure and crystal clear.