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Winterization Solutions

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No matter the season, Valiant Energy Solutions has got your back when it comes to all of your weather-related energy needs. Our de-winterization and winterization services will make sure that things are running smoothly year round.

Winterization Solutions

Don't leave your home unprotected

Leaving your home for an extended period of time can result in burst pipe disasters or other kinds of water damage due to frozen water in the house. When water freezes, it expands and puts pressure on the walls of the pipe. The increased pressure can cause the pipe to crack or burst open. As a result, the thawing process can lead to water damage and flooding, which can be costly to repair and can cause extensive damage to the structure of a home.

If left unattended, other potential problems can arise when leaving a home unprepared for the winter months. These include damage to the roof, siding, and foundation due to ice dams, as well as mold and mildew growth caused by moisture buildup in the walls and floors. To prevent these issues, it’s crucial to properly winterize your home before leaving for an extended period. And when spring comes, it’s essential that you hire a professional de-winterization partner in order to safely restore your home back to its original condition after being dormant throughout the cold season.

How winterization and de-winterization work

Our winterization and de-winterization services are essential for keeping your home safe and secure through the cold winter months. For fall winterization, we turn off the water supply, drain all plumbing fixtures including toilets and water heaters and test to see if non-toxic antifreeze is needed in your heating system. Winterproofing your house ensures that no pipes will burst during freezing weather, minimizing damage to your home.

In the spring, we return to turn your water back on, inspect all plumbing fixtures as well as drains and thoroughly test all appliances in your home to ensure they are operating correctly after their winter vacation. This process helps minimize any potential costly repairs due to component malfunction or breakdowns caused by the winter freeze.

How winterization and de-winterization work

Welcome home

Winterizing your home with Valiant Energy Solutions is the key to keeping your house safe during the cold winter months. Ensuring your home is weatherproofed helps prevent energy loss and can help save you time and money in the long run. We’ve got everything you need to reduce energy costs and make sure your house maintains year round comfort. Plus, it’s all handled by certified energy professionals so you know you’re getting quality service every time. Contact Valiant Energy Solutions today.