If you need help with any home or business service, you should be sure to check out the testimonials from our valued customers at Valiant Energy Solutions. Believe us when we say these people are a satisfied bunch—our customer experience was so memorable that some have even referred us to their friends and family.

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Testimonials are an incredible way of telling the quality of a business in seconds. There’s no need to guess or worry if you’re getting the right service—positive word-of-mouth reviews from other satisfied customers do all the talking. When it comes to HVAC, plumbing, electrical and renewable services, nothing beats great testimonials for quick, powerful assurance that you’re making the right choice.

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When customers need to make informed decisions, they expect nothing less than complete transparency of the process and hear it straight from the horses’ mouth. Here at Valiant Energy Solutions, we believe in the power of leveraging our customer testimonials to speak for us—we’ve got nothing to hide. We take pride in having detailed reviews from many happy business owners and homeowners who have used our services.

Our testimonials do justice to how well we perform our services and what kind of experiences you can expect from us. We prove that our commitment to quality services is always genuine and reliable. So if you’re looking for quality HVAC, plumbing, electrical or renewable work, look no further.

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Check out our testimonials below:

George Cosa

Valiant Energy replaced a 60+ year old boiler with an updated system and also installed ductwork in the attic with an air handler and AC compressor. Overall, 11 people were involved in the project which took 3 days total. Valiant Energy coordinated and arranged the… Read More >

Carol Ann LeFerriere

I have been a Valiant Energy Solutions customer for over 30 years. The services they provide are constantly expanding and improving; their staff is friendly and very well-trained in customer service. This company can care for all my HVAC needs with competent and complete services… Read More >

Mariah Gunpert

Customer service at Valiant Energy Solutions could not have been more helpful! She went above and beyond to work with us, communicate with us in a timely manner, and sort out the issues with our account. The company always offers great customer service and I… Read More >

Mike Cib

Got a very competitive quote from Valiant Energy on an air handler and a/c compressor. They came the day they were scheduled and did a nice job. Had to come back to add a water overflow kill switch. I was concerned they might not come… Read More >

Paula Sanderson

Your technician was great! Saved me a lot of money and time with awesome and pragmatic advice. Really appreciate the push back on what I thought I needed / wanted and better alternatives! Read More >

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