Sump Pump Tips and Tricks: Invaluable Knowledge for Homeowners

A sump pump is a crucial asset for homeowners that can protect their homes from flooding and other water damage. In this blog, we will explain the importance of sump pump knowledge and proactive maintenance tips to ensure your family avoids unwanted home repairs and damage.

What Is A Sump Pump?

This question may seem obvious, but there are so many facets to sump pumps that can be easily overlooked.

A sump pump is an invaluable tool for homeowners, especially those living in areas prone to flooding or excessive groundwater. It is a mechanical device that is installed in a basement or a crawlspace to prevent water from accumulating and causing damage. Its primary function is to pump out water that collects in a sump pit, which is a small hole or pit located at the lowest point of the basement floor.

Did you know that over 60% of American homes experience some form of basement water problems? In states like Connecticut, where heavy rains and snowmelt are common, sump pumps play a crucial role in protecting basements from flooding. According to the National Association of Home Builders, Connecticut is among the top 10 states with the highest percentage of homes with basements.

sump pit

Sump pumps are a necessity when it comes to protecting your home from water damage, increasing filtration, and reducing runoff.

How Does A Sump Pump Work?

At its core, a sump pump is designed to remove water that accumulates in a sump pit, a small pit located in the basement or crawlspace of a home. The process begins when the water level in the sump pit rises to a predetermined level. This triggers a float switch or a pressure sensor, which then activates the pump. The pump, typically powered by electricity, consists of a motor and an impeller. As the impeller rotates, it creates a centrifugal force that propels the water through the pipes and out of the pit.

It is important to note that not all sump pumps are created equal. There are submersible pumps that are placed directly in the pit, as well as pedestal pumps that are installed above the pit. The latter is often easier to access for maintenance and repairs.

water hose

Sump pumps work by transferring the water to another point in the house or outdoors.

Benefits of Having A Sump Pump

A sump pump provides a range of benefits that can protect your property and safeguard your belongings:

  1. One of the primary benefits is its ability to prevent water damage. With heavy rainstorms becoming more frequent, homes are at an increased risk of flooding. A sump pump can effectively remove water from the basement or crawl space, preventing costly water damage and the growth of mold and mildew.
  2. Additionally, a sump pump can help to maintain the structural integrity of your home. Excess water can weaken the foundation and lead to cracks and structural damage. By removing the water efficiently, a sump pump can minimize these risks, saving you from potentially expensive repairs in the long run.
  3. Another benefit of having a sump pump is its ability to protect your belongings. Whether it’s a finished basement or storage area, valuable items can be destroyed by water damage. With a sump pump in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and protected.
  4. Furthermore, an energy-efficient sump pump can also contribute to better indoor air quality. Excess moisture can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, leading to respiratory issues and allergies. By removing the excess moisture, a sump pump helps to create a healthier living environment.

Upgrade Your Home

Valiant Energy Solutions has been a leader in sump pump installation and maintenance for many years. Our experienced technicians provide comprehensive sump pump services that can help protect your home from water damage. We also offer emergency services, so if the worst should happen and your sump pump fails, our team can be there to start the repair process. We also offer energy-efficient sump pumps that can help reduce your water consumption and save you money. By using the latest technologies and high-efficiency pumps, we can provide you with a reliable and efficient solution.

If you want to experience the highest performance possible with a reliable sump pump system, contact our team today to get your installation or maintenance scheduled. Our solutions experts are eager to speak with you about how the right sump pump can enhance your home.

Maximize Efficiency with a Propane Tankless Water Heater

Striving to make your home more eco-friendly can be a daunting task. With limited time and budget constraints, it can be difficult to prioritize home upgrades. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to increase the performance and efficiency in your home is to switch to a propane tankless water heater. 

Optimize Your Energy Consumption

Tankless water heaters have tremendous benefits for the environment and make your home more efficient.

Propane tankless water heaters are an innovative solution for homeowners looking to reduce energy consumption while still enjoying access to hot water on demand. This type of water heating system also reduces standby energy losses typically associated with traditional storage tank systems, offering what’s known as “on-demand” hot water. 

Propane tankless water heaters are an ideal choice for green-minded homeowners looking to switch to a more sustainable source of energy. For instance, A tankless water heater can conserve 27 to 50 percent more energy than a traditional model. This type of water heating system is known for producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its electric counterparts, which is incredibly beneficial for residents looking to significantly reduce their environmental impact.  

For homeowners, selecting a propane tankless water heater can also provide financial savings. Since propane is a relatively inexpensive fuel compared to electricity, homeowners can anticipate a lower monthly operating cost when compared to traditional electric water heaters. Furthermore, since propane tankless systems require little to no maintenance, you will be able to save even more money over the life of the system. Additionally, if you are looking to increase the value of your home, adding a tankless water heater to your features is a great place to start. According to a study conducted by Zillow, homes with tankless water heaters sold for 4% more than their expected value. 

In addition to the financial and environmental benefits of switching to a propane tankless water heater, it’s important to understand why innovation is essential to the success of Connecticut homeowners. With every technological advancement there tends to be more efficient products in the marketplace, providing homeowners with ever-evolving enhancements to consider for their home. 

Ready to Explore A Tankless Water Heater?

Valiant Energy Solutions can provide Connecticut homeowners with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to their home energy needs. With experienced technicians and a comprehensive selection of services, Valiant Energy Solutions can help you navigate the transition process to a propane tankless water heater. The team understands the importance of creating more sustainable homes and can help you select the best product for your individual needs. From selecting the right system to understanding installation and maintenance procedures, Valiant Energy Solutions provides the guidance and expertise needed for a successful transition to a greener, more efficient home.  


Valiant Energy Solutions provides guidance and expertise on selecting the right system, understanding installation, and proper maintenance procedures.

With the right combination of technology and innovation, homeowners can make a lasting difference in combating climate change. Switching to a propane tankless water heater is an ideal way for homeowners to create a positive change, without sacrificing access to hot water on demand. With the help of Valiant Energy Solutions, you can make an equipment upgrade with confidence, knowing that you are taking a significant step towards protecting and elevating your home investment. 

If you want to increase your home efficiency and innovate your home, our solutions experts at Valiant Energy can help. Contact us today for your free assessment, with no obligation. 

Ready, Set, Spring! Is Your Home Ready?

Spring is a time of renewal and fresh beginnings, and your home is no exception. As the weather warms up and the days grow longer, it’s important to make sure your home is ready to embrace the new season. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of five essential spring home tips to help you prepare your home for the warmer months ahead. From maximizing energy efficiency to conserving water, these tips will not only enhance your home’s performance and comfort but also help you save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Optimize your air conditioning system for maximum efficiency

During the colder months, homeowners often focus on ensuring their heating systems are in top condition, but the importance of cooling efficiency can sometimes be overlooked. To ensure your air conditioning system is running at its best, it’s crucial to schedule annual maintenance and perform a tune-up before the summer heat arrives.

By doing so, you’ll not only save on energy costs but also extend the lifespan of your equipment. Regular maintenance includes cleaning or replacing filters, inspecting and tightening electrical connections, checking refrigerant levels and cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils. Professional HVAC technicians can assess your system’s overall performance and suggest any necessary repairs or upgrades to ensure maximum efficiency.

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Upgrade to a smart thermostat for enhanced comfort and savings

Smart thermostats are a simple yet effective way to save money on home cooling costs while minimizing your impact on the environment. These smart devices are programmable, allowing you to control your home’s temperature from anywhere and at any time–even from your mobile devices.

With a smart thermostat, you can create customized schedules based on your daily routines, ensuring optimal comfort while preventing unnecessary energy consumption. Many models also offer additional features, such as learning your habits and preferences, providing energy usage reports, and integrating with other smart home devices.

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Stay Prepared for Severe Weather with a Whole-Home Automatic Generator

Summer storms can lead to power outages, leaving you in the dark and without essential services. By investing in a whole-home automatic generator, you can ensure your home remains powered during severe weather. These generators activate within seconds of detecting a power loss and are capable of supporting not only your lighting but also critical systems like heating/cooling, refrigeration, and well and sump pumps.

Whole-home generators come in various sizes and fuel types, including propane, natural gas, and diesel. Consult with a professional to determine the best generator option for your specific needs.

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Extend your swimming season with a propane pool heater

If your home has a pool, consider installing a propane pool heater to enjoy comfortable swimming temperatures earlier in the season and well into autumn. Propane pool heaters boast up to 95% efficiency and provide rapid heat-up times, resulting in significant energy cost savings.

In addition to their efficiency, propane heaters are eco-friendly and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other pool heating options. Consult with a pool professional to determine the best propane pool heater for your specific needs and ensure proper installation.

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Save water and money with simple plumbing upgrades

Spring is an ideal time to address any plumbing issues and implement upgrades that can provide long-term savings on water consumption. Start by checking for leaky pipes, faucets and fixtures, as even small leaks can lead to significant water waste over time. Inspect your home’s water pressure to prevent pipe damage and consider upgrading to water-saving showerheads and faucets to further reduce water usage.

Another effective way to conserve water is by replacing your current toilet with a more efficient model. High-efficiency toilets use significantly less water per flush, resulting in substantial water and cost savings over time. Many of these models also offer dual-flush options, allowing you to choose between a lower-volume flush for liquid waste and a higher-volume flush for solid waste, further enhancing water conservation efforts.

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Preparing your home for spring is a worthwhile investment that can enhance comfort, increase energy efficiency, and promote environmental responsibility. By optimizing your air conditioning system, upgrading to a Wi-Fi thermostat, investing in a whole-home generator, installing a propane pool heater and implementing water-saving plumbing upgrades, you’ll be well on your way to creating a more comfortable, efficient, and eco-friendly living space.

For more information on these tips and to discuss your specific needs, contact Valiant Energy Solutions today. Our team of experts is committed to helping homeowners create the ideal home environment for every season.

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The Limitless Possibilities of Propane

Propane has long been recognized as a reliable and clean-burning fuel, but it offers so much more than just home heating. With its myriad applications, both indoors and outdoors, propane has become a versatile and efficient fuel source for homeowners. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the many uses and benefits of propane, as well as the reasons why it has become a popular alternative to traditional home fuels.

Extensive Uses of Propane in Homes

Home Heating: Propane is a popular choice for heating homes, particularly in rural areas where natural gas is not readily available. Its efficiency and reliability make it an excellent choice for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

Hot Water Heaters: Propane-powered water heaters can heat water faster and more efficiently than electric models, saving homeowners both time and money.

Generators: Propane generators provide reliable backup power during power outages, ensuring that essential appliances and devices continue to function.

Cooktops and Ovens: Propane stoves and ovens offer precise temperature control and even heat distribution, resulting in better cooking results and energy savings.

Dryers: Propane clothes dryers are energy-efficient and can dry clothes faster than electric dryers, reducing drying time and energy consumption.

Fireplace Inserts, Stoves, and Log Sets: Propane fireplaces and stoves provide a cozy and efficient heat source, with the added benefit of easy maintenance and no need for a traditional chimney.

Swimming Pool and Spa Heaters: Propane pool and spa heaters can quickly and efficiently raise the water temperature, allowing homeowners to enjoy their pools and spas all year round.

Patio Heaters, Grills, and Outdoor Fireplaces: Propane patio heaters, grills and outdoor fireplaces enable homeowners to extend their outdoor living space, providing warmth and ambiance during cooler months.

Space Heaters: Portable propane space heaters are an excellent option for supplemental heating in specific areas of the home, such as workshops or garages.

The advantages of choosing propane

Domestically Produced: The majority of propane consumed in the United States is produced domestically, supporting local economies and reducing our reliance on foreign fuel sources.

Clean and Efficient Fuel: Propane is an environmentally friendly fuel that meets the stringent standards of the 1990 Clean Air Act. Its clean-burning properties virtually eliminate harmful carbon emissions, reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Versatility and Simplicity: Propane’s versatility is unmatched, with a single tank capable of powering a variety of appliances and systems throughout your home. Its simple delivery and storage make it a convenient choice for homeowners.

Cost-Effectiveness: Propane appliances typically have lower operating costs compared to their electric counterparts, providing long-term savings for homeowners.

Safety: Propane has a strong safety record, with built-in safety features and stringent industry standards that help protect both users and the environment.

Make the switch to propane with Valiant Energy Solutions

If you are considering making the switch to propane, Valiant Energy Solutions is here to help. As a leading provider of high-quality propane, we are committed to delivering outstanding customer service and expert assistance 24/7. Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you make the most of propane’s many benefits, from increased energy efficiency to reduced environmental impact.

To learn more about how propane can enhance your home and lifestyle, contact Valiant Energy Solutions today. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to develop a customized propane solution that meets your unique needs and preferences. Don’t wait any longer to experience the unparalleled versatility, efficiency and convenience of propane. Reach out to us today.

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Save Energy While Spending More Time at Home

As we continue to spend more time at home in these uncertain times, our home energy consumption has increased significantly. With children and other family members at home, it’s natural to worry about the potential spike in utility bills. To help you decrease your energy use and save money, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of energy-saving tips that are both informative and easy to implement.

Harness the power of natural light

With longer daylight hours, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the sun’s free and abundant light. Open your blinds and curtains to allow natural light to flood your living spaces, reducing the need to switch on artificial lights. Additionally, remind your family members to turn off lights when they’re not in use to conserve energy.

Make the switch to LED lighting

LED lights consume significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, making them an excellent choice for energy-conscious homeowners. Besides reducing energy costs, LED bulbs also have a longer lifespan, which translates to additional savings over time.

Optimize your water heater usage

Water heaters are among the most significant energy consumers in any household. To optimize your water heater’s efficiency, set the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the ideal balance between comfort and energy conservation. If you have a hybrid water heater, consider using the heat pump mode for even greater energy savings. Encourage your family to take shorter showers to minimize energy and water consumption.

Enhance dishwasher efficiency

To reduce energy usage when running your dishwasher, scrape dishes clean before loading them, lower the water temperature and utilize energy-saving settings or eco-cycle options. By optimizing your dishwasher usage, you can help save both water and energy.

Adopt energy-smart cooking practices

Choose the right-sized cookware for your burners and use energy-efficient appliances like microwaves or toaster ovens instead of conventional ovens when possible. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen appliances can also contribute to lower energy consumption.

Embrace air-drying your clothes

Reduce your reliance on energy-consuming dryers by air-drying clothes outdoors on a laundry line or using a clothes rack indoors. If air-drying isn’t feasible, ensure that your dryer’s filter is clean and run consecutive loads to capitalize on residual heat.

Upgrade to a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat can help you control your heating and cooling costs more effectively. By setting customized schedules, you can save up to 15% on cooling costs and 10% on heating costs, resulting in significant energy savings.

Invest in home insulation

Proper home insulation is one of the most effective ways to reduce ongoing energy costs throughout the year. In the summer months, adequate insulation prevents cool air from escaping, conserving energy and reducing the strain on your air conditioning system. In the winter months, insulation provides the opposite effect, keeping heat trapped inside your home.

Encourage Alternative Entertainment Activities

With many of us spending more time with electronics, it’s crucial to be mindful of daily screen time and set limits to mitigate the impact on our energy usage. Engage in alternative activities like reading, playing board games, crafting or having a family cooking night to conserve energy and create lasting memories.

Consult with Energy Efficiency Experts

For the best results in home energy efficiency, rely on industry professionals like Valiant Energy Solutions. Our team can provide a free evaluation on upgrading your water heater, improving home insulation or installing a smart thermostat. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward a more energy-efficient and cost-effective home.

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