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Water Heaters

Don't settle for cold showers

When it comes to water heaters, Valiant Energy Solutions is the workhorse of your home comfort. From a free inspection to complete installation by expert technicians, we have you covered with the best brand name equipment and a full portfolio of options to suit any home.

Water Heaters

Dependable hot water, quickly

As a homeowner, you rely on your water heater to provide you with the comfort and convenience of hot water at a moment’s notice. But what happens when your water heater fails you? You’re left with cold showers, unreliable heating methods, and a sense of frustration and inconvenience that can linger for days, if not weeks. But the problem goes beyond just inconvenience. A malfunctioning or inefficient water heater can result in skyrocketing utility bills, leaving you with an unexpected financial burden.

Worse yet, a leaking or poorly maintained water heater can lead to costly water damage to your home and its contents, creating a headache you can’t afford to deal with. And let’s not forget about the health risks associated with a poorly maintained water heater. Harmful bacteria and microorganisms can thrive in the warm and moist environment of a malfunctioning or dirty water heater, posing a serious health risk to you and your loved ones. Don’t let your water heater compromise your family’s health and safety.

How water heaters work

Home storage water heaters use electricity or gas to heat up the stored water in a large tank. The tank is connected to a series of pipes, providing a steady supply of hot water at all times. When you turn on the hot tap, cold water is pushed into the bottom of the tank and heated by either an electric element or gas burner. The heated water then rises to the top of the tank and is piped out to various taps throughout your house. Tankless water heaters provide hot water on-demand by using high-powered burners to rapidly heat cold water as it is pushed through the system without the need for a water tank.

How water heaters work

Water heaters

tankless water heater
Tankless Water Heaters

Description: Step aside old school tank water heaters, because Valiant Energy Solutions has the newest and most innovative addition to your home: tankless technology. Valiant Energy Solutions offers tankless water heaters for high or low-volume applications that are designed for on-demand, instantaneous hot water while providing big energy savings.

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indirect water heater
Indirect Water Heaters

Description: Valiant Energy Solutions has indirect water heaters for high-volume applications. There is no separate burner to be maintained and you enjoy precision water temperature control.

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oil or propane fired water heaters
Direct oil fired or propane fired water heaters

Description: If you’re in the market for an oil-fired or propane-fired water heater, look no further. Valiant Energy Solutions offers direct oil-fired or propane-fired water heaters for high volume applications. With their own dedicated burners and tanks, these units deliver a lot of hot water, fast.

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storage water heaters
Storage Water Heaters

Description: Get ready to join the clean energy revolution with Valiant Energy Solutions. We have storage water heaters for low-volume applications. Today’s storage water heaters offer greater efficiency and more installation options than ever before.

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High-efficiency water heaters for you

Putting an energy-efficient water heater in your home is a great way to save money and cut down on your energy consumption. Valiant Energy Solutions can help you do just that, with our selection of high-quality heating solutions for all sizes and budgets. Whether you need a small water heater for under the sink or one to power a large family home, we have models that provide reliable, long-term performance while still being economical. Contact us today.