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Indirect Water Heaters

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When it comes to replacing or installing an indirect water heater, you want to make sure you're getting the right size and model. Rest assured, because the pros at Valiant Energy Solutions are here to help. Our professional team of plumbers can advise you on the right model for your needs.

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Don't stress over your water heater

Homeowners may face various problems such as inadequate hot water supply, energy inefficiency, space constraints, maintenance issues, water quality problems and environmental concerns with traditional tank-style water heaters. Indirect water heaters can provide a larger supply of hot water, be more energy efficient, require less maintenance, be less prone to sediment buildup and have lower carbon emissions.

As a result, homeowners may consider installing an energy-efficient indirect water heater to address these issues. These systems come with a surprising number of uses and benefits. Not only are they energy efficient, but they also don’t take up as much space in your home. So if you’re looking for a high-end water heating experience that doesn’t break the bank while still maintaining organization, indirect water heaters are the solution for you.


How indirect water heaters work

Indirect water heaters use a heat exchanger to transfer heat from a boiler or furnace to the water in the storage tank. The combustion gases from either an oil- or gas-fired appliance are channeled through a coil in the storage tank and then vented out by an exhaust pipe. Heat is transferred as the hot gasses pass through the coil and is absorbed by the surrounding water. This heated water is then available for use in space heating or domestic uses throughout your home.

An indirect water heater is ideal for high-volume applications. There is no separate burner to be maintained and you will enjoy precision water temperature control. These versatile water heaters can be fired by natural gas, oil or propane.


  • Significantly less reduction of flue losses, which saves on energy costs.
  • They only call the burner when a specific zone is calling, saving fuel costs.
  • Quicker hot water refill rates resulting in better performance.
  • There is no separate burner to be maintained, which means less maintenance.
  • They have insulated tanks, an internal heating coil and their own thermostat for precise water temperature.

Find the perfect water heater

Choosing the right indirect water heater doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want to make sure your choice is the perfect one, look no further than Valiant Energy Solutions and our consultative team of plumbers.

With trusted guidance from experienced professionals, you can not only choose the optimal size and model for your needs, but you can also have our team of experts take care of everything from removing your old water heater to indirect water heater installation–all with speed and efficiency.