If you need help with any home or business service, you should be sure to check out the testimonials from our valued customers at Valiant Energy Solutions. Believe us when we say these people are a satisfied bunch—our customer experience was so memorable that some have even referred us to their friends and family.

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Testimonials are an incredible way of telling the quality of a business in seconds. There’s no need to guess or worry if you’re getting the right service—positive word-of-mouth reviews from other satisfied customers do all the talking. When it comes to HVAC, plumbing, electrical and renewable services, nothing beats great testimonials for quick, powerful assurance that you’re making the right choice.

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When customers need to make informed decisions, they expect nothing less than complete transparency of the process and hear it straight from the horses’ mouth. Here at Valiant Energy Solutions, we believe in the power of leveraging our customer testimonials to speak for us—we’ve got nothing to hide. We take pride in having detailed reviews from many happy business owners and homeowners who have used our services.

Our testimonials do justice to how well we perform our services and what kind of experiences you can expect from us. We prove that our commitment to quality services is always genuine and reliable. So if you’re looking for quality HVAC, plumbing, electrical or renewable work, look no further.

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Check out our testimonials below:

Lee Raspet

Our hot water heater rusted out and leaked out all over the downstairs. Technicians came out the next afternoon and set us up with a new hot water heater. Another technician was out the next morning and had restored the water to the house &… Read More >

Gale Warren

The issue was a plugged toilet. Valiant Energy was able to get a plumber here within a respectable amount of time, we only have one toilet in the home. The technician was very professional and corrected the issue in a quick manner. His manner was… Read More >

Nicholas Ugolik

Our plumbers hired from Valiant Energy were incredibly knowledgeable and even more impressive in their work. We needed an entire basement replumbed and it was done to the highest quality. We are so impressed and so happy. The work was life changing for us and… Read More >

Penny Greason

Discovered an old toilet was silently leaking, costing us in water and sewer charges. Valiant Energy Solutions sent a plumber out next business day, who installed a new toilet with a new water connection in less than an hour. Service was fast and efficient, respectful,… Read More >

Home Efficiency
A. Sheen

Valiant Energy Solutions spent two full days at our home installing insulation. They were prompt, professional, and went above and beyond. The workspaces were tidy and cleaned often. Masks and booties were used inside our home. We highly recommend them and appreciate the great job… Read More >

Home Efficiency
Alitz McDonald

The home energy team did an amazing job at the audit. They were very thorough and professional. They discovered a gas leak from the stove during the audit which we were thankful for. Read More >

Home Efficiency
Jernique Morgan

Where do I start and what can I say but this was truly a blessing. Our electric bill was over the top, so my neighbor suggested I do an energy audit. After some research I decided to go with Valiant Energy. The crew, which consisted… Read More >

Home Efficiency
Nicholas Chmura

I'm reviewing the Valiant Home Energy home energy assessment home visit. Bill and Jason K came and did a thorough job. They were very good at explaining their process and everything we should expect. They had lots of good recommendations for our home and were… Read More >

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