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Water heaters for any application

Not sure what type of hot water systems you need for your organization? Don't settle for second best–get the right high-efficiency water heating system from Valiant Energy Solutions. Our high-efficiency water heating products will save you money while providing reliable hot water year-round.

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Hot water on demand for your organization

Commercial water heaters are a vital part of many organizations, providing hot water for customer service needs and ensuring efficient sterilization and cleaning processes. From restaurants to hospitals, water heaters are essential for operations to run smoothly and efficiently. Depending on the size of the organization and its specific purpose, it is important to choose an appropriately sized appliance that is both energy-efficient and cost-effective to minimize overhead costs.

Today’s advanced technology has enabled our team to offer highly efficient models that can be installed quickly in order to keep up with operational demands. Investing in a high quality water heater can ensure that an organization will be equipped with hot water when they need it most.

How commercial water heaters work

Water heaters are an essential tool in organizations, especially those that require lots of hot water such as restaurants, hospitals, laundromats and car washes. A commercial water heater is typically much larger than the ones used in residential settings. Here is how they work:

  • Commercial water heaters use natural gas, electricity or propane to convert cold water into hot water.
  • The fuel is converted into thermal energy and passes through a heating element in the tank filled with pressurized water.
  • This heated water is then stored until it’s needed by the plumbing system.
  • The incoming cold water at the bottom of the tank is then pushed upwards, thus creating a continual supply of hot (or warm) water.

Organizations usually choose professional-grade water heaters to ensure long life and consistent performance over several years, with regular maintenance being required to optimize performance. Heat exchangers help to increase the efficiency of these units but should be carefully monitored for any signs of corrosion. Ultimately, having high quality water heaters allows organizations to run efficiently while providing plenty of hot water for their customers and operations.

How commercial water heaters work

Water heaters

Tankless Water Heaters

Description: Tankless water heaters are innovatively designed for efficiency and provide instantaneous, on-demand hot water while staying energy positive. Organizations can get hot water whenever they need it for their operations. Our tankless water heaters have an easy installation process, require practically no maintenance and save money on energy usage without sacrificing performance

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Indirect Water Heaters

Description: Valiant Energy Solutions offers energy-efficient and cost-effective hot water solutions for organizations. Indirect models are available that don't require a separate burner to be operated or maintained–plus they offer precision temperature control. We can help you heat large quantities of water while reducing your overall energy consumption and saving you capital.

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Direct Oil-Fired and Propane-Fired Water Heaters

Description: For higher-volume applications, direct-oil fired and propane-fired water heaters supply a substantial amount of hot water very quickly. Our direct-oil and propane-fired equipment ensures your hot water needs are covered. Our experienced technicians can assist you in selecting the best system for your property’s requirements.

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Electric Water Heaters

Description: Electric Water Heaters suffice for low-volume operations, but should be checked regularly for optimum performance due to wear and tear. Our water heaters use the latest technology for maximum efficiency and provide a reliable solution for any office or facility. Electric water heating from Valiant Energy is an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their budget and carbon footprint and improve the overall performance of their operation.

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Hot water when you need it

Valiant Energy Solutions offers an efficient and effective option for organizations looking to provide hot water for their employees and customers. Our energy-efficient water heaters are designed to save you money on energy costs while helping your commercial organization run more efficiently. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing unbeatable customer service, delivering a cutting-edge solution that fits your unique needs. Contact us today for all your hot water needs.